5 Survival Games To Play If You Enjoy Open-World Crafting Experiences



The Forest

In The Forest you take on the role of a character whose plane crash lands on a remote island, only to have your son abducted by a group of insane cannibalistic mutants. Your goal then is to establish a base of operations, fend off attacks by these cannibals, and find your child. Simple really.

Crafting in this game is not as free-form as in some other games since you have to follow strict blueprints for things such as buildings and other contraptions, but it’s still a lot of fun regardless. You can build cabins, zip-lines, shelves, chandeliers made of skulls and even meat drying racks to hang the remains of your enemies.

Because cannibalism is a thing you can commit to in this game, and part of the gameplay even includes creating freakish effigies made from amputated arms and legs to scare the mutants away from you home, and even making armor out of their bones.

It’s really bizarre at times, which only makes it all the more fun to play with a group of your friends. And unlike most games of this type, there actually is a definitive end to the story in The Forest.

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