5 Survival Games To Play If You Enjoy Open-World Crafting Experiences



The Long Dark

The Long Dark is unique in this list as it is not so much about crafting, as it is about survival.

In this game, players must survive in the Canadian wilderness after what is described as a global disaster. Everything is frozen over, and you need to scavenge for items to survive, literally. You need to find shelter, gather wood for the fire, hunt and just about do whatever you can to not die.

It’s a very intense and difficult game, and most of the crafting you do in it relates not to base-building and the like, but to tools and clothes you desperately need to fend off the cold and wild animals. Encountering predators such as wolves are not something you look forward to in The Long Dark, you actively try to avoid them.

The game has a survival mode in which you try to stay alive as long as possible, and an episodic story mode with two episodes out already. The third episode is set to release later this year.

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