About Us

Highly Pixelated is a brand new Gaming website that is dedicating to bringing its readers the latest information from the world of video games. We cover everything from the latest News, Reviews and Guides, to writing Opinion Pieces and Features that we think will resonate with our audience. Utmost care is given to ensure that all articles on our website are factually accurate, so that we do not waste our reader’s time.

As our site grows, we will add new writers and expand into other fields that we think will blend well with our website, such as E-Sports, Hardware, Anime and even Board Games. We will also be looking to constantly improve the layout of our website and it’s features according to the Reader’s needs. But for now, we’re just a small Gaming Blog hoping to establish our name in the vast world of online written content.

We thank you for taking the time to read this page, and hope that you will provide us with any criticism you may have over at our Contact page.


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