Here’s Everything That Will Be Available During The Battlefield V Open Beta



The Battlefield V Open Beta is just a day away now, and EA has provided players with a look at everything that they will be able to participate in during the event.

First off, players will have access to two very different maps, the Arctic Fjord map and the Rotterdam map.

Arctic Fjord: Based on the German occupation of Norway in the 1940s, this map will see the Britain and Germany factions engaging in battle in the seaside town of Narvik. The whole aesthetic of this map is that of a frozen battle-zone, and it is also the map that was previously made available during the closed Alpha.

Rotterdam: Based on one of the first few military offensives of World War 2 in the Netherlands, this map takes place in the city of Rotterdam where the Dutch and German factions will face off against each other. The aesthetic of this map is that of a large port city, and will feature lots of open streets and large buildings.

Then come the three different game modes that players will be able to partake in, Conquest Mode, Grand Operations and Tides of War.

Conquest Mode: This will be the same 64 player mode that we’ve all come to know and love, where both teams fight for control over different key locations on the map in order to increase their team’s score. This mode will only be set in the Rotterdam map during the Open Beta.

Grand Operations: Grand Operations is a mode where each day is represented by a different round of play across a number of different maps and modes in which up to 64 players can participate. Only the Airborne and Breakthrough modes will be available during the Open Beta, and it will be set on the Arctic Fjord map.

Tides of War:  This is a five-part chapter that will revolve around a new World War 2 narrative every few months. Players who complete the chapter during the Open Beta will earn an exclusive in-game Dog Tag in Battlefield V at launch.

The Battlefield V Open Beta is set to launch on 6th September 2018 for everyone. The full game will then launch on 19th October 2018.


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