Cory Barlog Is Teasing A New Project



It seems that Cory Barlog, creative director at SIE Santa Monica Studio and one of the main talents behind 2018’s God of War, is hinting at a brand new project on his personal Twitter account.

The tweet is pretty cryptic, and seems to hint at an as of yet unannounced title that might be of the science fiction genre. To be specific, the hint is in the form of an electronic transmission and is comprised of the words: <END TRANSMISSION>.

You can check out the full tweet for yourself below:

His Twitter bio also now reads as “….. ….. …. … .. .”, which is Morse code for “55HSIE”. The “SIE” probably stands for Sony Interactive Entertainment, but we don’t have any idea as to what “55H” could stand for as of now.

He also changed his profile picture to what appears to be the Voyager 1, which is a space probe that was launched by NASA back in 1977. It is the satellite that has traveled the farthest from Earth in it’s lifetime.

Nothing else is known about this secret project at this point, but hopefully Cory Barlog will reveal more details in the coming weeks.


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