New Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Has Finally Been Released



After months of speculation about whether or Cyberpunk 2077 would be shown at E3 2018, it seems that developer CD Projekt Red has finally revealed the official trailer for the game, and it looks as glorious as we imagined.

The trailer, seen below, was shown towards the very end of the E3 2018 Xbox Conference by way of a very clever fake-out. It was completely unexpected and we were all blown away

The content of the trailer itself is too dense, showcasing everything from gang warfare, political assassinations, android abuse and so much more. It all takes place in a massive open city that is as diverse as it is violent, and it appears to be everything fans have wanted from the game.

It will honestly take a lot of time to unpack everything, but readers should go ahead and quell their anticipation right away. We will post separate articles about what we can decipher from the trailer over the next few days.

No release date was confirmed of course, but we expect to see more of the game as E3 goes on.


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