Days Gone: How To Store Weapons



In Days Gone, players can pick up and use just about any weapon they find out in the world regardless of whether they’re dropped by enemies or otherwise.

And while playing through the game, you might have found one that perfectly suits your playstyle, and you’ve made up your mind that you might want to keep using it forever.

The problem however is that these guns are not owned by the player, and as such, if you drop them, they’re gone permanently and you cannot access them through your locker. Only weapons you own show up in your locker, and to own them, you must purchase them from merchants .

Merchants can be found from the second camp onward, and you need the appropriate amount of trust and credits to buy weapons from them. Both of these can be earned by doing missions for the camp, completing bounties and sending people you save out in the world to them.

Alternatively, you also get some of the best weapons in the game by completing story missions, and they then permanently show up in your locker.


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