Days Gone: How To Upgrade Your Bike



It could be argued that Deacon’s bike is almost like a secondary protagonist in Days Gone. It’s there for the whole game, and it’s your primary mode of traversing the game’s massive open world.

And when you have something as important as this bike is in the game, properly upgrading it is crucial in order to beat said game. It’s especially important towards the end game, when you have to eliminate 37 of the 40 different Hordes that were not part of the main story.

So how do you upgrade your bike? Well, you need to head to mechanics found within certain camps in the game, namely Diamond Lake, Copeland’s Camp and Iron Mike’s Camp. Here, the mechanics can help you refuel your bike, repair it and upgrade it.

During the earlier hours of the game, forgo visual upgrades in favor of performance upgrades. These are divided across Exhaust, Engine, Fuel Tank, Frame, Nitrous, Storage and Tires.

And obviously, you’ll need the appropriate amount of credits and trust with the camp to purchase these upgrades, so do missions for the camp, complete bounties and send people you save out in the world to them.


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