Death Stranding: How To Get The Bola Gun



If you’re in the early hours of Death Stranding right now, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on some firepower to help you deal with the enemies in the game. 

It will take a bit of time and effort before you get access to it, but in order to get your hands on the very first weapon in Death Stranding, you need to first get to Episode 3 of the game.

It should take you a few hours, but once here, you’ll encounter an NPC called the Craftsman and he’ll task you with collecting an item from some ruins. Complete this task for him and you’ll get the Bola Gun as a reward.

The Bola Gun is a non-lethal weapon, and can be used to incapacitate human enemies from afar. The weapon is an invaluable tool during the early hours of the game and can help you out of some very tough situations. 

The enemies do eventually break out of their temporary restraints though, but it takes them just the right amount of time. You can run away during this brief moment of respite, or you can go over to the trapped enemies and give them a hard kick to increase the duration they are down for.

Later on you can even upgrade it to help you deal with BTs, but you get access to that after you’ve raised your rank with the Craftsman a fair bit.


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