49 Minute Gameplay Demo Released For Death Stranding



The 2019 Tokyo Game Show is currently underway, and we have now gotten the longest gameplay demo of the upcoming Death Stranding thus far.

The gameplay is in Japanese however, and so is all of the commentary describing the things happening in said demo by the game’s director Hideo Kojima. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t easily pick up some very interesting details from it.

It’s not exactly clear what the game is about even now, but what we do know for a fact is that a core gameplay element revolves around transporting cargo from one location to the other.

And so the first thing we notice in the gameplay is the Balance mechanic, the presence of which dictates that you cannot just stack up cargo on our main character however you wish. You need to balance it out across your character’s body evenly in a way that does not disrupt your center of gravity, otherwise you start leaning towards one direction or the other while walking.

I know it’s all really confusing right now, but this is still pretty on brand for Hideo Kojima. You’ll get a better idea of this mechanic by watching the demo yourself below:

A bit later on we also get to see the main character, Sam, make use of an Exoskeleton to increase his speed to the point where he can keep up with an enemy truck, as well as make use of a weapon called the Bola Gun to launch Bolas to capture enemies.

There’s also quite a bit more in the demo that I didn’t pick up on due to the language barrier, but what I do know is that the game does look super interesting so far. Confusing, and a bit disjointed, I’ll admit, but still interesting nonetheless. 

Death Stranding is set for release on 8th November, 2019 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


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