Dissecting The Character From The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Teaser



Just hours after the leak of an image by French website JeuxVideo-Live that revealed the name of the newest Assassin’s Creed game, Ubisoft released an official teaser for the title on their Twitter page.

The Teaser shows a character kicking another figure off a cliff in a fashion similar to that in the film 300, in which the Spartan King Leonidas kicks a messenger of the God-King Xerxes into a well after refusing his offer to surrender.

From the very brief two seconds that the characters were on screen, we can actually tell a lot about the one on the left, who for the sake of this article we will also presume is the game’s main character given the hints in the teaser.

To start with, the character is very obviously dressed in Roman warrior garb. He seems to be wearing a Roman helmet which at first glace seems like the typical helmet of a Praetorian Guard, but upon closer inspection seems to have more similarities to the helmet of King Leonidas.

He also has equipped the Lorica segmentata, which is the personal armor that was often worn by Roman soldiers, but instead of the more common one represented in media that is comprised of metal strips, this one seems to be of only leather.

Arm guards equipped are also unlike the Manica worn by soldiers, and seem to be more akin to bracers hiding the hidden blade we have seen equipped by previous assassins in the series. The quality of the video is not great, but a blurred symbol can also be seen on it which could perhaps be the Assassin insignia.

The Pteruges, which is the skirt of leather strips, is also worn and the character seems to have on a robust set of metal plated footwear, which is much more elaborate that the typical Caligae sandals often worn by Roman military personnel.

Missing from the outfit is the Cingulum militare, which was a belt decorated with metal fittings and was worn as a badge of rank by both officials and soldiers. It could be that we just cannot see it in the teaser from the angle we are given, or it could also perhaps signify that the character is a deserter and has abandoned his rank.

In terms of weaponry, the character has equipped what seems like a Scythian composite bow, the likes of which were used by infantry archers in the Roman Empire.

And when it comes to his sword, what he has on him does not seem to resemble a typical Roman Gladius sword.

The hilt is shaped like an animal, which could perhaps resemble the Spatha swords with eagle shaped hilts wielded by the Roman Emperors depicted in the Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs sculpture. But to my eyes the animal on the hilt seems mostly serpentine in nature.

Could this character actually be the new Assassin this time around? Perhaps, but nothing is confirmed as of now.

More information about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be revealed at the Ubisoft’s E3 press conference on 11th June, 2018.


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