The 4 Exo-Suit Types You’ll Have Access To In Anthem



The Electronic Arts E3 press conference is now over, and we’ve seen a number of different games the company is currently working on, the most anticipated of which is undoubtedly Anthem. And now, we’ve learned a bunch of information about the game, such as the Exo-Suits players will have access to in the game world.

These Exo-Suits, titled Javelins, will be the main gameplay mechanic in the game and you not only need these to fight, but even just to survive in the world. They are also classified into 4 distinct categories, seen below:

First up is the Ranger, which is basically the all-rounder of the bunch. This Javelin is designed to specialize in one on one encounters, and is probably the most newbie friendly.

Next is the Colossus, which is the tank. The Colossus is slow moving and relies mostly on heavy firepower to take out large groups of enemies. It is the largest of all the Javelins.

During the conference the developers left out the descriptions of the remaining two Javelins on purpose, but from its sleek and slim design I think it’s safe to assume that the Interceptor focuss mostly on speed.

We also don’t know a whole lot about Storm, but from the gameplay shown, we can assume that this Javelin falls within the Mage/Sorcerer archetype. It could float in the gameplay and make use of long range lightning attacks.

You can customize these Javelins with paint jobs, and even multiple other cosmetics and vanity items. None of these will be made available through loot boxes however, the developer has also confirmed.

Anthem is set to release on 22nd February, 2019 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.


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