Fight Night Comes To Warcraft



Although many people are buzzing about who will take the Iron Throne in the finale of Game of Thrones, it seems another rightful king in a different medium of entertainment will reclaim the spot at the top: Warcraft 3 is seeing a resurgence in viewership and is on its way back to being the insanely popular esports game it used to be with the announcement of a new Warcraft 3 competitive event by Hearth Heroes featuring two legendary players, Grubby and Kendric.

Although the competitive scene of Warcraft 3 never completely died out, the game was dwarfed in the modern esports community by Starcraft 2 viewership as well as the rising popularity of MOBA’s, and now even more so by the ever increasing popularity of the Battle Royale genre. Combine this with the fact that esports almost wasn’t a thing during the game’s prime and you’ll understand why the Warcraft competitive scene is suffering in the modern era. However, the hard work of several pro streamers and lovers of the classic game has kept the scene from dying out and even has caused the popularity of Warcraft 3 to slightly grow with several pro players returning to the almost 20-year-old game and streaming it within the last few months following some quality of life updates implemented. This effort has not been in vain.

In an announcement on the HeroesHearth website, the group is bringing their popular Fight Night series to Warcraft 3 on this Friday night, April 19th. Fight Night events have been incredibly popular in the Heroes of the Storm community that receives high views when streamed on Twitch and will bring attention back to the once-coveted Warcraft 3 scene.

This is just in time, too: Warcraft 3 Reforged is in the works at Blizzard and slated to be released this at some point this year. This new chapter in Warcraft is bringing the classic old memories to the modern era and a new and bright esports scene along with it. The remastered graphics and the old-school competitive vibe is bound to bring in flocks of new players, old school players looking to relive the glory days, and players that didn’t get to experience the game in its prime.

Tune in April 19th on Twitch to watch Fight Night: Warcraft 3 and show support for your favorite players. Also, fire up your steam engines, sharpen your axes, and start practicing for the release of Warcraft 3: Reforged later this year!

To read more about the format or the rewards, you can go read the official announcement here.