Hideo Kojima Reveals Information About Damage Censor Tape Mechanic In Death Stranding



We know very little about Death Stranding at this point. Developer Hideo Kojima has not exactly been very clear about what the game is about, and we know even less about the gameplay that will be featured in the title.

What we did see however during the game’s official trailer during E3 2018, is that protagonist Sam will often haul around multiple different packages across the game world. We don’t know why he is doing this exactly, but each of these packages is covered in some type of yellow tape, which we now know will serve as a gameplay mechanic in Death Stranding.

According to a Tweet by Hideo Kojima, this yellow tape is named the Damage Censor Tape, and it will act as a censor to tell players how much damage a package has taken. The color of the tape changes when a package takes damage, and players will use this to discern the integrity of their load.

An yes, although Hideo Kojima calls it “Censor”, there is a chance that this was just a typo and he actually meant “Sensor”.

The tape does this because apparently there is a sensor inside it, and written on it is the phrase: “VOID IF TAMPERED”.

That’s all we know so far from the tweet, but hopefully more tidbits like this will be revealed going forward.


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