Gameplay Trailer released For Borderlands 3



The Gearbox livestream just finished up at PAX East 2019, and we got a look at a few different game announcements.

But the most important trailer of all, was for Borderlands 3, and boy does it look great. You can see it below:

We got a look at our 4 new Vault hunter, none of whom have been named as of yet. We got a look at our new villains as well, and yes that’s ‘Villains’, as in two of them.

But most importantly, we got a look at some returning characters such as Maya and Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2, Brick and Lilith from the first Borderlands, and of course Claptrap among many others.

We also saw brief glimpses of some of the areas we will get to explore in the game such as a shanty town, like the ones we saw in previous games on the planet of Pandora, a futuristic location with tall skyscrapers and even a swamp.

You can see all of this for yourself in the new trailer, and Gearbox Software has promised that new information will be coming in the near future.