7 Games To Play If You Enjoyed Stardew Valley



There are very few things in the world of gaming as enjoyable and as captivating as Stardew Valley. That’s a proven fact, and one that you would agree with if you happen to have actually played the game yourself.

It’s charming, engrossing, and a whole lot of fun. It’s one of the best things you can experience on Steam for under $10 (Under $15 on consoles) and you can expect to sink more time into it than any other Triple-A title that has come out in recent years.

This game is special, and once you get a taste of everything it has to offer, it can be hard to find a title that fills the gap that this little farming simulator leaves behind.

So the aim of this article then is to provide seven different alternatives, that you can pick up once your journey ends in Stardew Valley. Not all of them are necessarily about farming, but they will feel right at home for those looking for their next big adventure.