Generation Zero’s Mechanical Enemies Will Retain The Scars You Inflict On Them



Avalanche Studios, the developer behind the massively popular Just Cause series, just recently revealed the trailer for their upcoming game Generation Zero.

In it, players will be put into a large open world set in 1980’s Sweden, where they will have to fight off hostile mechanical enemies that have invaded the peaceful countryside. They can either embark on this endeavor alone, or be joined by up to three different players in seamless online co-op.

And while not much else has been revealed about the game as of yet, there are some clues about the gameplay that can be found on the title’s official website, the most notable of which is that the enemies in the game will apparently retain their damage.

According to a excerpt from the official website, all enemies in the game will be persistently simulated, indicating that they will not just be spawned randomly and will exist in the game world at all times.

Also, when you inflict damage on an enemy, whether it be to their weapons, sensory equipment or their armor, it will be permanent. These enemies can then also show up in a completely different skirmish, and they will still retain the damage from the previous encounter, no matter the amount of time that goes by in between.

Now this is something you don’t often see in games, and the closest comparison we can draw is from the Nemesis System from Monolith Productions’ Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games, in which enemy Uruk-hai remember their encounter with the protagonist.

And that isn’t just about damage either, it actually relates more to the enemies learning and growing from the encounter, which is something I really hope the enemies in Generation Zero do as well.

We also learned the names of two of the enemies, the Sunset Runners and Pests, seen below:

While no platforms have been confirmed, Generation Zero is set to be released in 2019. You can learn more about the game here.


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