Genshin Impact Upcoming Version 1.2 Leaks



The much-awaited version 1.2 of Genshin Impact is slated to release on 23rd December 2020 and from the closed beta leaks we have a lot to look forward to in the new version update.

MiHoYo intends to stick to its schedule of release a major version update every six week and in the upcoming 1.2 version update, among other things the game will be adding an entirely new region, two unique 5 star characters, tonnes of new monsters, a new event called the Purple Light Concert event and a unique climate mechanic.

New Region – Dragonspine

Although the new region does not appear to be a separate nation so we most probably will not be getting another statue of the seven, however the frosty mountainous region of Dragonspine will bring a lot of unique exploration sites, monsters and gameplay mechanics with it. Being released a few days before Christmas, there may even be related themed features in the icy peaks, however this is pure conjecture on our part.

New Characters

We are being joined by two entirely new five-star Characters in the new update, Ganyu and Albedo.

Ganyu is the 5 Star Cryo bow user and Albedo is a sword wielding Geo elemental. Detailed elemental skills and burst are available in leaked patch notes outlining how the two have great team synergies along with the stunning art.

New Enemies and Material

There are tonnes of new monsters along with a new material type in the form of these Red Crystal in the above image. Among the new enemies entering the fray we have Ice Shieldwall Metachurls, Geo Elementals, Ruin Graders (a new ruin enemy), Fatui Cryo Cicin Mages, Frostarm Lavachurls and last but certainly not the least Dendro Abyss Mages.

The last addition may be the most exciting of them all since as of now the Dendro element has not been introduced in the game and was a mystery. This may be the only enemy in the game in version 1.2 who wields the element.

Additional Info

Lastly, as was the case with version 1.1 we have a brand-new event to kick off version 1.2 called the Chalk and Dragon Event. The event will have its own event shop with its unique currency that can be used to obtain, among other items, weapon level up material, talent level up material and Hero’s Wit materials.

The version will also have an additional event that involves a grand treasure hunt and will be released at a separate time that may or may not overlap the above event.

Additionally, the new version will bring with itself a new gameplay mechanic involving the climate of the new region and a warmth system. This mechanic is bound to add greater depth to the already daunting new region Dragonspine. We are also getting new weapons, a rumored Dendro Boss, new items and even pets/companions.

A lot of exciting information is available in the leaked patch notes, however, we would advise players to be wary of all such information until officially confirmed in game or on Mihoyo’s social media accounts as all such information is subject to the company’s discretion. That is the reason we have provided general details and not exact details of weapon types, character skills, bursts, and event details.

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