Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Not An RPG



With the release of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta recently many fans and critics, myself included, couldn’t help but bring up the topic of the new infusion of RPG elements into the game. Elements that were not present in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

I myself compared the game to The Division 2, and mentioned that the new Gear Level system is very similar to the Gear Score mechanic in that game. There’s also the addition of the character classes that provide unique new abilities to the players.

And one thing that fans seem to be concerned about is that with the addition of these new mechanics, Ghost Recon Breakpoint seems to have deviated too much from the gameplay formula that they fell in love with in Wildlands, and that this is not what they wanted from the sequel.

And while I can’t claim to say without a doubt that their concerns are unfounded, I can offer a bit on clarity on the matter.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint RPG

After playing through the Beta, I can tell you that Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not an RPG. It is still a Tactical Stealth Shooter, but it now just has a few new RPG mechanics that encourage players to experiment with new weapons and gear.

Ubisoft has mentioned that if players want to stick with a single weapon for the entire duration of the game, like a lot of them also did in Wildlands, they can still do that here. All they need to do is find a blueprint for that weapon on the map and then it will always be available for them whenever they want it at your current level.

Similarly, the Gear Level does not restrict players from taking on certain missions or enemies. If you come across enemies that are a higher level than you, that just means that they will be a bit more challenging that your typical enemies. They are not bullet sponges like in The Division 2. 

And finally, headshots still count as one-hit kills. Again, this is not an RPG, and a properly placed headshots will down an enemy like in any other shooter.

The only exception to this rule is armored enemies with helmets, and even then it only takes an extra headshot beforehand to knock them off.

So now that all of this is clear, why not head on over and check out my impressions of the Beta if you didn’t have access to it yourself. Spoilers: I quite liked my time with the game.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set for release on 4th October, 2019 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.


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