Graveyard Keeper: How To Find The Cabin In The Woods



You might not know this just starting out in the game, but there does exit a second home base that you can gain access to in Graveyard Keeper. It’s called the Cabin In The Woods, and it acts as a hub to collect and break down resources.

To reach it, first repair the bridge to the left of the cemetery that leads to the Swamp with 12 Nails, 8 pieces of Flitch and 3 Wooden Planks.

Then follow the dirt path across the bridge, and keep walking until you reach a pathway blocked by rubble. Clear it away with 10 Wooden Wedges, 4 Simple Iron Parts and 2 Wooden Planks.

Keep heading north, slightly north-west, until you reach a tiny broken down structure with a collapsed Blueprint Table Next to it. Repair this Blueprint Table to gain full access to the Cabin In The Woods

You can now build most of the facilities, such as the Furnace, Circular Saw and the Stone Cutter, that can be built in your original Workyard in the Graveyard.

And since this base is located right next to the Iron Vein, the Marble Quarry and the Coal Deposit, you can gather and break down an unlimited amount of these resources to carry back to your home. It also helps that there are a lot of trees and stone in the area.


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