Graveyard Keeper: How To Get Coal



In order to power both your Forges and your Oven, you need to provide them with fuel. This can either be in the form of regular sticks, which you require a large amount of, or with the slightly more effective Firewood.

And while crafting Firewood should be more than enough to get you through the first few hours of the game, it can be quite a hassle later on in terms of Energy consumption since you need to go through two different Workstations to prepare it. You need to cut Logs into Wood billets at a Saw, and then into Firewood at the Chopping spot.

A much more effective source of fuel then is Coal, which is much more plentiful in the world, but requires a bit of work to get to.

First, you have to repair the damaged bridge to the left of your cemetery that leads to the Swamp. It requires 3 Wooden Planks, 8 pieces of Flitch and 12 Nails to repair.

Once that’s done, cross the bridge and follow the dirt path north, and then turn left when the path does. You should eventually reach a pathway blocked by rubble. You need 10 Wooden Wedges, 4 Simple Iron Parts and 2 Wooden Planks to clear this passage. (The rubble in the picture below has already been cleared)

Once that’s done, keep walking North through the trees until you reach the Quarry. Now walk a little to the East to find a large Coal deposit. It’s right next to the Marble Deposit and the Iron Vein.

It’s a little far from your house, and can often be a chore to walk to. But each time you mine this deposit, it should net you around 20 to 30 Coal. Spending a few minutes here mining will allow you to carry back a few hundred units of coal at a time.


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