Graveyard Keeper: How To Get Unlimited Iron Ore



When you start Graveyard Keeper, Iron Ore will be fairly easy to come across. There are a large number of Iron Deposits found in the area just north of your home, and even more in the Swamp to the left of your Cemetery.

But eventually these Iron Deposits will run out, and you’ll need to find a more permanent source of Iron for your crafting need.

And in order to reach that source, you first need to make sure that the bridge that leads to the Swamp is already repaired. It’s to the left of the Church, and requires 3 Wooden Planks, 8 pieces of Flitch and 12 Nails to fix.

Once that’s done, cross the bridge and follow the dirt path until you reach a pathway blocked by rubble. This can be cleared up with 10 Wooden Wedges, 4 Simple Iron Parts and 2 Wooden Planks.

Now keep going north until you reach the Quarry, and you should find an Iron Vein to the very most north-west part of it, right next to the Marble and Coal Deposits. Mine the Vein until an Iron Slab drops out, and then take it back to the Workyard.Keep in mind that you need an Iron Ore Stockpile In the Workyard to store this slab, after which you can break it down into five pieces of Iron Ore at the Stone Cutter workbench.

This Iron Vein also never runs out, so go crazy.


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