Graveyard Keeper: How To Get Marble



In order to craft some of the more end-game Gravestones, Grave Fences and statues to increase the rating of your Graveyard, you’re going to need to get your hands on some Marble. And in order to get Marble, you need to follow a series of steps.

First, repair the broken bridge to the left of your elementary that leads to the Swamp. It requires 3 Wooden Planks, 8 pieces of Flitch and 12 Nails to repair.

Once that’s done, cross the bridge and follow the dirt path north, and then turn left at the very first bend. You should soon reach a pathway blocked by rubble, that can be cleared up with 10 Wooden Wedges, 4 Simple Iron Parts and 2 Wooden Planks.

Now keep going north through the trees until you come across a large deposit of white marble, as seen below. It’s right next to the Iron Vein and the Coal Deposit.

Interact with it to get the option to ‘Build Marble Quarry’ with 16 pieces of Flitch, 4 Simple Iron Parts and 7 Nails.

One that’s done, you can then use 5 Wooden Wedges, crafted at the Chopping Block, to mine two slabs of Marble every single time.

Unlike Iron and Wood, Marble slabs don’t need their own stockpile. They can be stored in your Stone Stockpile, which you have from the very start of the game. You can then use the Stone Cutter workbench to turn the slab into smaller craftable pieces.


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