Graveyard Keeper: How To Get Science Points



In order to research different materials and items in Graveyard Keeper, players need two different resources. One is Faith, which can only be earned once a week when players deliver a sermon, and the other is Science.

Now Science is earned only be deconstructing items at the Study Table found in the Alchemy Lab, but most of the items in question can be fairly hard to craft during the first couple of hours in the game.

The one item however that can be crafted early on is Paper, but even that requires quite a bit of work to make. Read our guide here to learn how exactly. Once crafted, Paper can then be deconstructed at the Study Table for 2 Science Points a piece, which is not a lot to be honest.

But over time you can accumulate more resources and build new workstations to be able to craft items from paper such as Notes, Chapters and Books, which net you much more science points.

They do however require additional materials such as Ink, which can only be crafted with Coal, so you will need to get access to the Quarry.


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