Graveyard Keeper: How To Find The Seed Vendors



In order to grow your own Crops in Graveyard Keeper players first need access to the Kitchen Garden, which is located directly south-east of your house. It’s not difficult to get, but you can check out how in our guide to Farming here anyway.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to get your hands on some seeds to plant, and the game isn’t exactly clear on where you can buy them from.

During the day, simply start walking east from your Graveyard and you’ll eventually come across a large field of wheat. Once you’re at the crossroads at the center of the field, turn south and you should reach a house with two NPCs outside of it.

The NPC to the right is the Farmer, and he sells the majority of the seeds in the game. Not all of them are unlocked at the very start though, and you need to spend some money with him until the second and third tiers of seeds unlock in his shop.

And while the Farmer is the NPC you go to for most seeds, eventually you’ll find yourself in need of Oil for crafting. And Oil is made from Hemp, a Crop whose seed the Farmer does not have in his inventory.

In order to find Hemp or Hemp Seeds, keep walking east from the Village along the dirt path until you come across a bunch of stone ruins. Among these ruins should be an NPC named Dig, seen below.

Dig is the only person in the game who sells Hemp and Hemp seeds, a crop that becomes very essential a few hours into the game.

The third vendor is the Merchant, who sells grape seeds. He can be found only on  days in front of the barn directly south of The Dead Horse tavern in the village


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