Graveyard Keeper: How To Get The Meat Stamp



While you are able to harvest meat from corpses within the first 30 or so minutes of Graveyard Keeper, being able to sell it at the Dead Horse Tavern is another thing. Because you need a Stamp to package the meat, and it doesn’t come cheap.

The first, and the legal, method of obtaining the Stamp is to get your Graveyard Rating up to at least 5 to open the Church. Doing this allows you to access the Royal Services box right outside of the church doors.

Here you can buy the Stamp for 50 Silver coins, after you purchase title “Citizen” for 50 Copper coins.

The other way to get the Stamp is by talking to the NPC Snake, who can be found past the blocked passageway near your Cellar. Talk to him and do a few tasks for him to get your reputation with him up to at least 30, and he will give you a Stamp free of charge.

Keep in mind that you do have to venture down into the Dungeon to be able to complete at least two of Snake’s tasks, and he is encountered first only on days represented by the symbol 


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