Graveyard Keeper: How To Make Wine



In order to grow Grapes and then make Wine from them, players need to get access to the Vineyard. But getting access to this particular facility is no easy task, and requires you to spend hours grinding for materials in order to complete a task by the Inquisitor.

The very first time you encounter the Inquisitor on Witch Hill, he will give you the task of providing him with 20 Firewood and 10 Flyers. The Firewood just takes a few minutes, but the Flyers require a long list of Workbenches and materials to craft. It’s not particularly hard to do, it’s just very time consuming.

But once you deliver these items to the NPC, he will give you another task of bringing him 10 Wine. He will also give you access to the Vineyard at the very south-west part of Witch Hill.

Now you can construct new Vine trellis, and repair the few old ones found at the Vineyard in order to grow Grapes.

You will however need Grape Seeds, which can only be bought from the Merchant NPC, one of the three Seed Vendors in the game.

Once fully grown, they need be turned into a ‘Pail of Grape Juice’ at the Vine Press, which can be unlocked in the Skill Tree.

After which they can be turned into Wine at the Wine Making Barrel, also unlocked in the Skill Tree.

All you have to do now is wait for a while.


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