Heat Signature’s Newest Update Will Introduce Character Traits, Among Other Features



The fantastic space stealth exploration title Heat Signature turns one year old today, and developer Suspicious Developments has a major new update planned for the game in the coming week.

Titled the The Space Birthday Update, this update will introduce brand new optional challenges for players during the late-game, among a bunch of other features. The first two of these are Character Traits and New Hazards, but the developer has promised that there are well over 20 new features that will be introduced with this update.

Heat Signature

You can go ahead and check out the developer’s official post on their Steam Community page, because a new feature will be announced every single day until the release on 27th September 2018.

And for those players who can’t wait that long, you can help the developers test these new features. Simply right click on Heat Signature in your Steam Library and go to Properties, then click on ‘Betas’ and choose ‘nextversion’. The update will then be applied, but expect to find some pre-launch bugs.


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