Metro Exodus Had Been Delayed To Early 2019



Deep Silver and 4A Games have now announced that the upcoming game in the Metro Franchise, Metro Exodus, has been delayed from it’s original intended 2018 release. It will instead release during Q1 2019.

According to a post of the game’s official website, development on Metro Exodus is steadily progressing, and the developers have been working hard to ensure that the title will live up to the quality of standards that the fans expect.

Excerpt from the official statement:

We want everyone to be able to experience what is the most ambitious Metro game to date at its absolute best and therefore we have taken the decision to move the release date to Q1 2019. We know that this will be disappointing news for fans that had hoped to play the game this year, but also know that you will appreciate the results that this additional development time and new release date will bring

The Metro franchise is based on Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels of the same name, and take place on an Earth ravaged by nuclear war. Metro Exodus is supposed to be a more open world experience than it’s predecessors and will see returning protagonist Artyom venture further east from Russia

The developers also announced that new gameplay for the title will be shown at E3 2018.


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