Moonlighter Developer Lays Out Post-Launch Roadmap



Moonlighter might just be one of the best indie games to come out in the past couple of years, which is saying a lot considering how many great indie hits we’ve seen just this year alone. It’s charming, unique and a lot of fun to play.

And now, just a little over a month after launch, developer Digital Sun has given us a brief glimpse at what the future has in store for their game with a look at the post-launch roadmap for Moonlighter.

The upcoming content for 2018 is divided among four different updates: the More Stock Update, Adventure Update, Companion Update and the Trouble Update. Each update will add new unique content to the game, such as new armor, new weapons, new dungeon rooms, new bosses and even a New Game+ mode.

The full details can be found below:

  • More Stock Update: Our first update will ​ add more than 50 new rooms​ ​distributed all over the four dungeons​ making a total of ​ almost 600 room patterns available​! It’s also going to improve the look of armors and enchanted items, plus we plan to add some additional help/tutorials to explain different shop upgrades better.
  • Adventure Update: New Game+​ lets players start the whole game again with increased difficulty level. This update will also bring brand new​ Dimensional Weapons and Amulets​, powerful equipment based on an unknown and mysterious technology.
  • Companion Update: Feeling lonely in the Dungeons? Worry no more! ​Choose a companion and bring it with you on the adventure​ ! ​Each companion will be a little bit different, offering various skill sets and looks. On top of that we’re going to introduce​ the ​ Custom Game​ — a set of options that will allow you to to modify certain game parameters to create diverse experiences.
  • Trouble Update: Put your skills to the test by battling some brand new mini bosses! We’re not going to tell you anything more about them — because we want those enemies to surprise (and brutally defeat… muah ha ha ha) you during your adventures. Yup, we’re sadistic like that sometimes. We’re also going to add new​ Item Effects, boosting the game’s variety. This update should arrive sometime around Halloween — so we’re hoping to bring you some spoOOoky stuff, too!

The developers don’t go into too much detail in order to avoid any spoilers, but they do mention that this is only the content planned for 2018, and more is still planned for 2019.

No dates have been revealed as of yet either but hopefully the updates come soon, because the game is a blast to play.

Moonlighter is available now on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and the Mac.


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