You Can Now Use Your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller With Steam



Not satisfied with being able to use both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 controllers with Steam? Looking for something different? Then you’re in for a treat, because you can now also use your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with the client.

The news was announced today by the Steam Controller team themselves, over at the Steam Community, where they announced that the latest Steam Client Beta has added support for the controller.

The full list of instructions detailing how to set up the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can be found here, but you can also find a general overview of the process below:

  1. Opt into the Steam Client Beta.
  2. In the Controller Settings page, check the Nintendo Switch Configuration Support option.
  3. Connect the controller to your computer and register it to your account when prompted.
  4. Create a config from the ‘Controller Configuration’ option in the Manage Game screen for the title you are currently playing.
  5. launch your Steam game

Full functionality of the Steam Input Configurator is at the player’s disposal once you connect your controller. You can bind the gyro, add radial menus, create custom action sets and much more. The Controller Settings page also contains an option to ‘Use Nintendo Button Layout’, which will swap the A/B and X/Y buttons of your loaded config.


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