Prison Architect Gets Surprise Multiplayer Update



You wouldn’t think that a game like Prison Architect would need a multiplayer mode where you could go around building the perfect prison with a bunch of different friends, but apparently you can do just that right now.

Developer Introversion Software has just posted a new 23 minute video, seen below, on their YouTube channel that breaks down Update 16 for their game. And long story short, it explains the different multiplayer features added to the game immediately.

It’s not anywhere near ready however, and it currently requires a lot of development. In fact you need to manually opt into the beta branch on Steam to even be able to access the multiplayer features, and a number of these don’t exactly work perfectly.

But that much is to be expected at the very least, and hopefully the multiplayer mode will progress smoothly over the coming months.

You can learn how to opt into the Alpha, and read up on the full patch notes for Update 16 of Prison Architect on Introversion Software’s official website here.


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