Give Rage A Chance In 2019



While there’s still a little over two weeks to go until the release of the highly anticipated Rage 2, I just wanted to write an article encouraging people to try another fairly similar game that might tide them over until that time comes around.

It’s called the original Rage, and I really think players should give it a go before Rage 2 blows all of our expectations out of the water.

Now to be fair, that game has really started to show it’s age recently, especially in light of how phenomenal its sequel is looking. For one, you’ll notice that there’s a distinct lack of bright colors in the game, and it really makes you appreciate how far the franchise has come since 2011.

But still, I implore you to give it a chance. Rage had some of the best looking visuals for its time, with details packed into every nook and cranny of its decrepit, broken world.  And my god did this game make the post-apocalypse look attractive.

It’s also still has some of the best first-person combat ever seen, with gunplay that still holds up really well till this day. That bladed boomerang you’ve been seeing in Rage 2 promos, the Wingstick, yeah that was present in the first game as well, and it was awesome.

Rage 2011

Now does the combat still hold up when compared to some more recent shooters like DOOM or the new Wolfentestein Saga? Perhaps not. But that shouldn’t take away from your experience of this game, and I guarantee you it won’t.

Vehicular combat in the game was also incredible, and I’ve personally spent  more time in Rage’s multiplayer modes than I care to admit. Games with solid Vehicle based combat are surprising hard to find, and that makes it all the more upsetting that people didn’t give it the attention it deserved.

Rage 2 is looking to be one of the best games we’ll see this year, but I really want people to go play the original before it comes out. This might just be my nostalgia talking, but I think it’s good to experience the original in order to better appreciate the Sequel, especially since most fans didn’t think we would ever actually get the sequel.

It’s only $10 on Steam right now, and Xbox One owners can play it for just a single dollar with the Xbox Game Pass these days. Try it, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Rage 2 is set for release on 14th May, 2019 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.


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