Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Maintain Your Weapons



Weapon maintenance plays a very important role in Red Dead Redemption 2, and failure to properly do so on occasion can lead to a few different issues.

After using a weapon after a while, it’s condition will start to deteriorate, and you will need to make sure to properly maintain it. If a gun is not properly cleaned and maintained every now and then, it fails to function properly. Failure to do so not only decreases the damage it deals, but also it’s firing speed and reload speed.

So all you have to do to maintain your guns, is to mosey on up to the nearest gun shop and get your hands on some Gun Oil. These should set you back about $1.50 per canister, and it’s generally a great idea to have some on you at all times, so grab more than the current number of weapons that need maintenance at the time.

Once you have some Gun Oil, open your weapon wheel (LB on the Xbox One and L1 on the PlayStation 4), and highlight the weapon you wish to maintain. Once highlighted, press the inspect button (Right Stick on the Xbox One and R3 on the PlayStation 4), and now you can clean the gun.

Each maintenance consumes one unit of Gun Oil.


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