Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Upgrade Guns



Red Dead Redemption 2 features a selection of over 50 different weapons that you can both find in the game’s open world and purchase from gun stores. These are not all exclusively guns, but the vast majority of them are, and this guide will tell you how to upgrade them.

All you have to do is walk into your nearest gun store and lock onto the Gunsmith (LT on the Xbox One Controller and R2 on the PlayStation 4 Controller). Then a list of options will show up, and all you have to do is select Customize.

Now you can swap out barrels, sights, stocks and basically anything on your weapon that seems like it could be improved upon and raise it’s stats. There are also some cosmetic options such as wraps that can change the appearance of your guns.

Bear in mind however that upgrades do not carry over to other weapons of the same time, and you have to upgrade each of them individually. So if you swap barrels on a particular rifle, do not expect the change in stats to carry over to any other rifle.


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