Resident Evil 3 Demo: How To Get The Assault Rifle



It might not be evident from just playing through the Resident Evil 3 Demo that there is actually an Assault Rifle that players can acquire. It’s probably even less evident if you’re actually competent at these sort of games.

Because in order to get access to this weapons, all you have to do is die a lot. Yes, that’s correct, all you need to do to gain access to this incredible weapon is to just die a bunch.

So in order to get the most out of the Assault Rifle, let yourself get killed over and over again from the very first zombie you encounter in the Demo. Do this enough times, and you’ll get the option to reduce the difficulty and play in Assisted Mode.

In Assisted Mode, you not only get access to the powerful Assault Rifle, you also get an extended inventory. On the downside though, enemies are a lot weaker in this mode as well.


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