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So I never actually played any of the Resident Evil games growing up mostly because anything having to do with horror, whether they be movies, video games or books,  made me lose sleep for weeks on end. I’m almost ashamed to admit that this was true even in my teens, and the closest I ever came to playing a game in this iconic horror franchise was when I beat two of the campaigns in Resident Evil 6, and fans are still conflicted as to whether that game is even technically a Resident Evil game.

Now that I’m a bit older, I’ve finally gained an interest in horror games and have spent the better part of these past few months playing through gems like the Dead Space series. It’s almost a perfect scenario for me then, that while I’m currently developing a liking for this genre, Capcom has been remaking some of its most beloved games for modern generation platforms

And if this Resident Evil 3 Demo is anything to go by, I am absolutely all in. Again (After Resident Evil 2).

To start with, if you’ve played through the Resident Evil 2 Remake that was released last year, you know what to expect in terms of gameplay. It’s almost identical to what we’ve seen before, and the changes are minimal. That being said, it’s still fantastic.

resident evil 3 demo

The zombies here are these looming intimidating creatures that can take a lot of punishment. You might get lucky and down one of these with a single headshot, or you might get the short end of the stick and get backed into a corner after having to unload four of your precious bullets into one of their skulls.

I know this likely won’t be the case in the final game, but Handgun Ammo was plentiful in the Demo, and even when it wasn’t, there was more than enough Gunpowder available to craft more. The same with healing items. I never actually felt the ‘Survival’ aspect of the game here, but this was probably because this is a demo.

The hulking Nemesis is much more intimidating than Mr. X for sure, but it’s a shame that he’s not really used to his full potential here. That’s not a shot at the developers, or this villain, I’m just saying that within the confines of this demo, he was never really used to full effect. And that’s actually good in a way, because I don’t want any of his appearances to be spoiled.

He can empower regular zombies by turning them into these freak tentacle-headed monstrosities, and he also moves comically fast in the game, and the dodge is your best friend when dealing with him. The brightly lit outdoor location we face him in lowers his ability to frighten players quite a bit, but seeing him coming at me with that dead sprint in a dark corridor will definitely give me a heart attack. That still isn’t to say that he doesn’t have his moments in the demo, but I won’t spoil them.

I love the design of the map, and how seamlessly you go from the streets to inside buildings and back again. The streets are open and offer lots of avenues for escape, but the indoors are dark, cramped and claustrophobic. I dreaded turning corners in this game, and that’s exactly what I want from it.

One of the scariest moments in the entire demo for me was when I had cleared a location of all zombies unscathed and was heading back outside, only for another of the undead to burst in though the entrance and just start stumbling towards me. It never actually got close to me, but it shattered this sense of security that I had developed by clearing out the rooms.

resident evil 3 demo

It’s a short demo, and should take players anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour to complete depending on how much they’re willing to explore. Among some other secrets there are also 20 bubbleheads that you can find, and they’re really well hidden so they should keep you busy for a while.

All in all, this was a fantastic demo, and I’ll probably go through the entire thing again a few more times. It’s everything I wanted from this game after playing through the fantastic Resident Evil 2 Remake, and I can’t wait to play the full game. I have my issues with it, but they’re all really minor and can mostly be explained away due to the fact that this is a unique demo, the contents of which may not exactly show up in the actual game.

If you’re still on the fence about this game for any reason, go play it yourself.

The Resident Evil: Raccoon City Demo is available now on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. The full game is set to release on 3rd April, 2020.


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