Resident Evil 3 Demo: How To Open The Safe



If you’ve been playing through the new Resident Evil 3 Demo that’s out right now, you’ll have noticed that there’s only one safe in the entire map.

You might have encountered it naturally while playing the demo, but if not, start to walk down the stairs towards the Moon’s Donuts shop and turn right into an alley. Climb up the stairs, turn left and you should eventually arrive at a dark room with a dead body and only one zombie. 

The safe is next to the dead body, and it’s really hard to miss.

Resident Evil 3 safe

To find the code for the safe, proceed forward and exit the room and make your way down the stairs. You show now see a brightly lit store by the name of Redstone Pharmacy.

Walk to the back of this store, and you should see a big sign with a model and the words Aqua Cure written in purple. Also highlighted in red circles should be three numbers. This is the safe code.

Leave the store, walk back up the stairs and make your way back into the dark room.

Now input the safe code, which is: Left 9, Right 1 and Left 8.

You will be rewarded with the Dot Sight (Handgun) for your efforts. Combine it with your Handgun, and it should upgrade your reticle and make it easier for you to aim.

(Resident Evil 3 safe)


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