Saints Row 2 Is Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One



Fans of the Xbox One can rejoice once again, because a new game has been added to the console’s ever growing roster of Backwards Compatibly titles. That game is Saints Row 2.

The news was announced by Major Nelson, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, over on his twitter page.

Originally released back in October of 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Saints Row 2 is an open-world action game set in the fictional city of Stilwater. In the game, the player’s custom made character is the leader of a street gang named the Third Street Saints, and it’s your job to help reclaim the city from rival factions after the events of the first game in the series.

It features full story co-op, allowing players to finish the entire game from start to finish with their friends, and introduced new activities to the series such as Mayhem and Trail Blazing. 

The game was very well received when it first released, and is even considered by a large number of Saints Row fans to be the best entry in the franchise. The game also still sits at over an 80% rating for consoles on Metacritic.

You can pick up Saints Row 2 now on the Xbox Store for $9.99.


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