Sea Of Thieves’ Playerbase Is Now Over 5 Million Strong



With a brand new free expansion for their game out today, developer Rare has made yet another announcement about Sea Of Thieves. The title now boasts a Playerbase that is over 5 million strong.

This announcement was made via an official post over on Xbox Wire, where Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare, revealed that the game’s community across both the Xbox One and the PC had grown to over 5 Million players.

He said:

Sea of Thieves is a uniquely social game, where interacting with other players – either on the same ship or on rival crews – plays a critical role in the overall experience. Because of this, every single one of the five million players who’s played has bought something unique and special to the game: themselves. 

A lot of these are of course Xbox owners who play the game through the Xbox Game Pass, so this number if not a representation of the amount of copies the developer has actually sold.

The article also goes on to mention how the content made with the title has generated over 300 Million views on YouTube and over 40 Million live broadcast hours on Twitch.

You can read the full article here.


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