Sea of Thieves’ Books And Comics Contain Hints About Future Content



In the latest behind the scenes look at the workings of developer Rare and their game Sea of Thieves, we learned an interesting little fact about the title and it’s future content.

According to art director Peter Hentze and senior producer Adam Park, the content in both the Tales from the Sea of Thieves by author Paul Davies and the official Sea of Thieves comic books by Jeremy Whitley, contain hints and nods towards content that will eventually show up in the game in the future.

To quote Adam Park, when talking about the book and the comics:

There’s things in there that are kind of teasing things that are coming in-game, so it works both ways. So as well as it kind of expanding what’s there already, there’s little hints about things that will later come to the game in here. So it’s not to be kind of just seen as a side thing, there’s things in here you’ll go “Oh”, in a couple of months, “I see”.

They also went on to say that Sea of Thieves: The Official Novel by Chris Allcock, which is due later this year, will dive much deeper into the lore of the Sea of Thieves universe and provide answers to a lot of different questions players might have about the game’s world.

You can watch the full behind the scenes video here.

Sea of Thieves was released on 20th March 2018, and is available now for the Xbox One and the PC.


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