State of Decay 2: How To Appoint A Community Leader



In State of Decay 2, players can get one of four different Legacy Endings depending on how they choose to play the game. And in order to get these Endings, they also have have to appoint a Leader to their community.

To appoint a leader, you first have to choose a character and play with them enough to raise their standing within your community. Each member starts at the Recruit rank, and works their way up as they provide more resources, clear out infestations and generally do other things to increase Influence and raise their standing.

Once the maximum rank has been achieved, the player can choose to appoint them as a leader, provided there isn’t already one in the community.

Each character also has one of four different traits Sheriff, Warlord, Builder and Trader. And depending on which trait your Community Leader possesses, you will receive missions and requests in the world that pertains to that title. This will also in turn determine which of the different Legacy Endings you will receive once you end a playthrough by destroying all the Plague Hearts on the map.

State of Decay 2 is available now on the Xbox One and the PC.

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