State of Decay 2: How To Properly Maintain Morale



In State of Decay 2, Morale plays as great a role as every other resource in the game. And just like every other resource, it needs to be properly maintained and looked after for the betterment of your entire community.

If morale dips below a certain limit in the game, the entire foundation of your community stars to crumble. Members start fights with each other, they become less productive and some can even outright threaten to leave if it is not quickly raised.

Some of the things that raise Morale in State of Decay 2 are:

Food: Making sure that the amount of food in your storage does not dip below a certain level helps maintain Morale. This number is usually around 15 units of food for a community of 10 survivors, and varies depending on your daily consumption.

Clearing Infestations: Clearing out Infestations around your home base helps to maintain Morale. The lower the number of Infestations, the higher the Morale. This also nets you Influence

Freak Zombies and Hordes: Eliminating Freaks such as Juggernauts and Bloaters as well as zombie hordes near your base helps to raise Morale, by reducing the risk of an attack on your community.

Beds: Something that can be easily overlooked while upgrading your home base is the number of beds you have. If there are not enough beds to accommodate every member, it negatively affects Morale

Survivor Missions: Every now and then, members of your community will have missions available that only that particular member can attempt. Completing them will raise morale.

State of Decay 2 is available now on the Xbox One and the PC.

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