State of Decay 2: Play Multiplayer For Quick Resources And Weapons



One of the big selling points of State of Decay 2 was that you could bring along up to three different people with you on your post apocalyptic journey. But playing multiplayer in the game isn’t just a fun co-op experience, its also one of the best ways to earn resources and weapons.

When you join another players multiplayer game, or when other players join you, you can all group up and do missions together. The choice of missions however lays solely with the host, whose world the other three players join in.

When you do these missions, scavenging locations are color coded differently for each player. You can only search locations that correspond with your color, and cannot interact with those that do not.

And not only are chances of you finding rare weapons and items much higher in Multiplayer, everything collected during the session by all the players is equally divided up when you leave the host world, giving you a nice stash of weapons and resources every time you play.

To play Multiplayer simply go into the menu and either volunteer to join a game, or ask for volunteers for your game.

State of Decay 2 is available now on the Xbox One and the PC.

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