State of Decay 2: Don’t Waste Your Influence On Mid-Tier Bases



As previously mentioned, State of Decay 2 is incredibly bad at how it rewards Influence, the main currency in the game, to it’s players. You get it in very small doses and, considering the amount you need for some of the biggest and best bases and outposts, it can take many hours of mindless grinding just to accumulate what you need.

Each of the three different maps in State of Decay 2 have 7 bases each. You start out in the default one at the very beginning of the game and there are 6 others potential home sites that you can relocate to as your population grows. And as the number of benefits that each potential base can provide increase, so does the amount of Influence needed to claim them.

So here’s my advice to players just starting out on the game: Don’t waste your Influence on mid-tier bases and unneeded outposts.

Do not waste you hard work on any of the bases in each map that cost either 500 or a 1000 Influence. They may seem worth it at the time when you are desperately running low on space in your starting bases, but your community will very quickly outgrow these as well and you will have just flushed the resources used to develop the facilities in them down the drain.

Bear with it and try to save up the 3500 Influence needed to purchase the largest bases on each map which are:

  • Container Fort in Cascade Hills
  • Whitney Field in Meagher Valley
  • Barricaded Strip Mall in Drucker County

These are large and have enough space and enough slots to support to meet all your facility needs. If you can’t hold out long enough to accumulate this amount, go for the next best thing and claim the bases that cost 1500 Influence. Anything lower than this should be a hard pass.

If you need help with how to earn Influence quickly, check out our guide here.

State of Decay 2 is available now on the Xbox One and the PC. You can also check out our review of the game here.


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