State of Decay 2: AI Companions Are Cannon Fodder For Juggernauts



In State of Decay 2, players will often come across a bunch of different unique zombies the game appropriately calls Freaks. These zombies are much more deadlier than your average undead foes, and can present a very real threat to you and your companions in the game, especially when they come at you in numbers.

But just like in the original State of Decay, there is one Freak zombie that is a much greater nuisance than it’s peers, the Juggernaut zombie. These hulking zombies are not only the single strongest enemies in the game, they are the most resilient as well, and they can absolutely decimate you and your companions if you are not careful around them.

AI companions in particular seem to have a death wish, and just rush up to them with melee weapons and start hacking away with little effect. And the Juggernauts just easily shrug off their attacks and rip them in half, literally.

So keep your AI companions away from these zombies, it’s not worth the effort to lose members of your community, and try to take them on either alone or with other human characters. And only use guns against Juggernauts, trying to score as many head shots as possible. If they charge at you, just dodge and repeat.

Or if you’re not afraid of damaging your vehicles, just ram into them as fast as you can. Ramming them won’t one-shot them like most other zombies, but it will deal a lot of damage and knock them over, allowing you to get a few more headshots in.

State of Decay 2 is available now on the Xbox One and the PC.

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