State of Decay 2: How To Travel Between Different Maps



Unlike the original game in the series which only featured a single map, State of Decay 2 gives players the option of playing in one of three varied locations. You choose one to start in at the beginning of your playthrough, but the game is not very clear in explaining that you are not restricted to it.

Over time, as you explore your map and keep scavenging for items, resources start to dwindle. There is a limited number of each resource available in the game, and areas that have been scavenged do not regenerate their loot.

And when you have exhausted all the resources available to you, the best option sometimes is too look towards greener pastures. This is where map hopping comes into play.

In your home base you have the option to upgrade the different facilities that have been installed there. And once you upgrade the Command Center, which is a default facility, into a Command Center 2 after meeting the adequate requirements, you can use it to find new territories to explore.

Simply go into the base menu to upgrade, and then command the facility to search for territories from the very same menu. Once that is done, a marker will appear on the edge of the map that you can then use to travel to these locations.

State of Decay 2 is available now on the Xbox One and the PC.

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