State of Decay 2: Remember To Use Vehicle Inventory



A large chuck of your time in State of Decay 2 will be spent looting and scavenging items from the various different stores and houses found in the game world. It’s one of the most quintessential features of a zombie survival game.

And when you consider just how many items you sometimes have to carry on your characters to bring back to your home base, you will realize that sometimes you need more inventory space than what a single character can carry. That’s where your vehicles come into play

Each vehicle in State of Decay 2 has it’s own inventory space that that players can make use of. To use them, simply walk to the back of one and press the Y button on your Xbox One controller, and it will bring up all the empty slots available.

Bear in mind though that each vehicle type has a  different number of slots available. Vans have eight, Trucks have six and Sedans have Four slots, so plan accordingly when you go on supply runs.

Also keep in mind that while characters themselves can only carry one material rucksack at a time on their backs, each of a vehicle’s slots can be used to carry a different rucksack.

State of Decay 2 is available now on the Xbox One and the PC.

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