Subnautica’s Below Zero Expansion Will Have Players Exploring A Frozen Landscape



Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the studio behind the phenomenal Subnautica, has just announced a brand new stand-alone expansion for their game titled Subnautica: Below Zero.

The expansion will take place on planet 4546B, the very same ocean planet that the base game is set in, but will have players exploring a brand new frozen Landscape. It will also take place after the events of the main game, and will further flesh out the universe of Subnautica.

A lot of the same features and mechanics from the base game will be present in Subnautica: Below Zero, but the development team is also taking a look at new ones such as thermal management. The official website says:

The concept of Below Zero is still developing. We are keeping the core gameplay mechanics, such as base building and open-ended exploration. We are also exploring new ones, such as thermal management, and more voiced dialogue at the core of the plot. We’re still in early stages and nothing is set in ice. These features may change prior to, and during, Early Access.

Unknown Worlds has also provided a link to their Trello board, where the development tasks for the team are listed. It does contain spoilers, but it also provides an early look at some of the features planned for the expansion such as new creatures and even hover vehicles.

Also, and don’t quote me on this, it seems from the concept art that Subnautica: Below Zero will place a greater emphasis on above ground exploration, something that did not play that much of a part in the base game.

Subnautica: Below Zero is still in the early days of development and we don’t have any sort of release date yet, but the developers will release an early access version of the expansion in the coming months.


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