Superhot VR Officially Eclipses The Original Superhot In Revenue



If you’ve ever played the indie smash-hit Superhot, you know the quality of the game is top-notch and that it provides hours of fun in its time-bending world while you slay the red glassy enemies and progress through a pretty decent, thoughtful story. This game was rather successful on launch, receiving praise from both users and critics alike.

And after the success of Superhot the developers then took a route that many probably wouldn’t have predicted: they went into the domain of Virtual Reality. Although the announcement was met with a mixed bag of excitement at the prospect of new opportunities and despair at the potential flop of moving a great game onto VR systems, the game went onto release to provide one of the best experiences available on SteamVR.

The game went on to become incredibly successful, and with a recent announcement from a developer on his Twitter, the VR version of Superhot has officially made more in revenue than the regular version of Superhot.

Why Does It Matter Though?

Although this news is exciting for the developer as it provides new opportunities for more content and new games, it also very big news for the Virtual Reality platform in general. Many critics and developers held the opinion that Virtual Reality, as it exists today, is dead in the water and too limited by the current technology available to grow into a staple of gaming.

Lack of a good movement system, no haptic feedback, and other things that do not matter in regular games all provide challenges for users and faults for VR, and many people believe the lack of these features is going to be the death of Virtual Reality, or at least are the limiting factors that keep VR from growing. Superhot VR overtaking Superhot in revenue is a great example that games can succeed in the niche of Virtual Reality and that Virtual Reality can provide success to creative developers despite current limitations.

Hopefully, this news will inspire other developers to dip their toes into VR space. Pair the success of Superhot VR along with the fact that the triple-A publisher Ubisoft also just released Space Junkies, a zero-gravity VR shooter, and VR is starting to come into its place within the gaming community.


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